5 Instagram-Worthy Cafe Spots in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Many people in today’s culture are fascinated with networking. Many merchants employ online platform marketing to reach their objectives. Many people, not just merchants, can receive network traffic through some platforms to generate cash. These platforms include Facebook, Tiktok, and, most notably, Instagram.

Instagram is becoming the most popular app among teenagers. You can receive the consultation you want on Instagram. Moreover, many foodies use this app to share their favorite restaurants. Some Johor Bahru cafes will also entice these visitors to take photos due of their nice decor.

These 5 Instagrammable eateries are ideal for those who prefer to photograph their daily lives! The cozy atmosphere and the cool-style decoration make you want to capture these stunning sights. If you visit Johor Bahru, you must visit these cafes!

1. Keijometo

Keijometo is without a doubt your first choice for Instagrammable eateries! This industrial-themed cafe is located in Jalan Chengai. It has concrete structures, gravel roads, and stone paths. It is common for this store to be full every day, so it is best to make an appointment in advance.

The cafe serves a variety of delectable Japanese cuisine that is sure to delight your palate. This restaurant’s hallmark dish, Tamago Sandos, is a must-order.

This sandwich consists of deep-fried crispy egg rolls placed between fluffy bread and topped with delectable mentaiko sauce. This is a delicacy that no guest should miss! Furthermore, the sandwiches are available in a range of flavors, including Matcha strawberry, and chicken katsu.

You can also enjoy the enticing Salmon Ochazuke. This is a meal of tea-infused rice balls served with fresh fish. This meal attracts a large number of tourists because such a unique technique of using it is uncommon in Malaysia. It is worth noting that this shop only serves drinks and light meals from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

2. September Cafe

September Cafe is also a popular Instagrammable spot in Johor Bahru. Its cream-toned off-white interior features cement screed floors, seats, and a textured counter area. It is ideal to visit with friends because you will feel really chilled and relaxed. It is also well-known for its watermelon lychee cakes, which have a distinct appearance and flavour.

Watermelon Lychee Cake is one of September Cafe’s must-order dishes. This cake features layers of light and moist sponge sandwiched between thick slices of watermelon. It is then topped with lychee cream and chopped flowers.

Each sip reveals a harmonious combination of fruity sweetness and subtle floral notes, making it hard to stop! In addition to the taste, its appearance is also very beautiful, so you can’t help but take pictures after seeing it.

Apart from that, customers also can enjoy the best coffee and matcha drinks in this cafe. Here is not only an Instagram paradise, but it’s also a great spot to unwind! This restaurant sticks out from the crowd of Johor Bahru coffee shops due to its unique and interesting décor.

It’s time to meet up with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Come to September Café for a delicious meal!

3. Shiro-Yuki Dessert Cafe

Is the hot heat gradually making you irritable? It’s time for a refreshing gourmet treat! Shiro-Yuki Dessert Cafe, an ice cream establishment that combines Japanese and Korean cultures, will undoubtedly meet your expectations. It boasts a bright interior with all-white MUJI-style decorating that is both basic and attractive.

The store’s iced product menu includes more than 20 flavors, including Thai milk tea, strawberry cheese, and peach. Strawberry cheese is the most popular well-liked flavour by customers. Milk ice, strawberry pulp, cheesecake, and bread crumbs make up this ice cream. Allow clients who enjoy the strawberry flavor to have an everlasting aftertaste!

In addition, another highly recommended dish option is their pandan waffles. This delicacy has a distinctive fragrance profile and is served with ice cream, kaya sauce, and caramelized bananas. The combination of warm pandan waffles and cold ice cream makes it becomes one of this café’s signature desserts. If you want a cold bowl of dessert, head to Shiro-Yuki Dessert Cafe!

4. Grumpy Goat & Friends

Grumpy Goat & Friends is a Halal eatery in Bandar Seri Alam. If you dislike dining in a noisy environment, this is a perfect option for you. It’s famous for its log-themed decor. The restaurant has a wide floor-to-ceiling window, which will be quite stunning whether indoors or outdoors.

Besides, Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Salmon Chunk is one of their must-try dishes. Cooked pasta is mixed in a wonderful garlic and olive oil sauce and topped with slices of juicy fish. The acidic saltiness, pungent garlic, and light olive oil in this dish will satisfy your taste buds.

In addition, they also serve a range of afternoon tea and sweets, such as croissants and waffles. Grumpy Goat & Friends is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy delicious meals with friends in a peaceful setting. Let’s enjoy a wonderful day here while eating delicious meals and chatting with your friends!

5. K Fry Urban Korean

Do you salivate when you see characters in Korean dramas eating Korean fried chicken? Fried chicken is irresistible to both adults and children! K Fry Urban Korean, located in Holiday Villa, is a well-known chain-fried chicken restaurant. It’s the best spot for Korean cuisine with friends!

Furthermore, all of K FRY Urban Korean’s flour and sauces are sourced from Korea. It is definitely an authentic Korean restaurant!

K’FRY Spicy Yangnyeom chicks is a fried chicken flavor that customers who love spicy food can’t miss. The spiciness of this dish is comparable to the Korean spicy fried chicken eaten in Korea! The spicy and slightly sweet sauce makes this dish an memorable dining experience.

Don’t worry if you dislike spicy meals! K FRY Urban Korean also serves Garlic Soya fried chicken, which clearly appeals to the general populace. Thick and juicy chicken marinated in Korean secret soy sauce and garlic. Then deep fried until the skin is golden and crispy.

In addition to fried chicken, the store serves traditional Korean meals such as Kimgaru Bokkuembap and UFO Kimchi Bokkeumbap. Come to K FRY Urban Korean if you want to experience Korean culture while eating delicious food!

These restaurants not only serve delicious food but the ambience and décor are also highly appealing. Johor Bahru is well-known as a foodie’s paradise. In addition to retail malls and well-known tourist sites, these eateries may provide a memorable dining experience. If you routinely use your smartphone to capture special moments, these eateries will present you with an memorable photo experience!

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