8 Hacks & Pointers For Nailing Your White Sneakers Look At The Year-End Party

With the holiday season knocking on our doors, all of us are set for New Year Celebrations. While you are decorating your house, searching for food recipes, and inviting guests over, do not forget to revamp your wardrobe. Even if you already have a winter collection for this season, you should stand out with your look at the year-end party. Whether you are prepping for an in-house party or will be out celebrating all night, it’s time to shop for stylish attires and footwear. And when talking about footwear, how can we miss out on the trend, which is here to remain for a while – white sneakers? If some of you are wondering why white sneakers make the best choice for winter parties, let us explain. Read on to find out how you can nail New Year’s Eve with white sneakers.

Why White Sneakers Are a Smart Choice?

A staple in everyone’s wardrobe (if not in yours, get one soon), white sneakers are versatile and comfortable. The best part is that they go with anything you wear! Try them on with dresses, skirts, skinny or boyfriend jeans, oversized t-shirts, jackets, and so on.

You will find a lot of style guides on how to pair your white sneakers in spring or summer. But did you know that because of their cool and casual look, you can actually wear them all year round? While boots or loafers may sound like the ideal choice for a party in winter, you can still experiment with your footwear.

Since white is a neutral colour, it does not clash with anything. Whether you plan on wearing a mute colour or a vibrant pattern, white sneakers will seamlessly merge with your attire. They are the best footwear to anchor any outfit, irrespective of how minimal or wild it is. Also, because in recent years, fashion trends have leaned towards comfortable and relaxed looks, they are perfect for any event.

8 Hacks & Pointers to Pull Off White Sneaker Looks at The Year-End Party

  1. Gather your cosy cargo pants and striped socks to create the foundation of your party look. Bring on a turtleneck slim-fit t-shirt and your favourite puffer jacket. A puffer or bomber jacket will keep you warm and add a sporty touch to a streamlined basic outfit. The printed socks will create the right contrast with your neat, white sneakers to bring an edge to your look. Just show off your personality as the year comes to an end.
  2. If you own a pair of low-top white sneakers, you are in luck cause we have just the right suggestion for you. Undoubtedly, this footwear combines well with breezy summer midi dresses, but you can also create a winter look for a New Year’s party. Polish off a big teddy coat and warm joggers. Pair these up with white sneakers and round black sunglasses to complete your attire. This is the perfect look for a house party, as people admire you for a laid-back yet stunning look.
  3. Show off your thick platform white sneakers and make a fashion statement as the year comes to an end. Throw on a thick cardigan over a utility jumpsuit or a Canadian tuxedo to steal the show. Pick cropped trousers or roll up the hem on your denim to invite everyone’s attention to your shoe design.
  4. If you are out in a bar with your boys, grabbing some drinks and dinner, you probably need a balance of relaxation and spruce. Try on blue ripped jeans, a plain black T-shirt, and a warm brown jacket with inner layers of fur to keep you warm. Pair it up with the best white sneakers you own to be all set for the celebration.
  5. Another look to try at the year-end party is the monochromatic look. For an all-white ensemble, wear a white turtleneck sweater dress with white jeans. Top it off with a white duster coat, classic white sneakers, and rolled socks. You can experiment with different shades of grey in your sweater dress, jeans, or coat. Another monochromatic look will be an all-pastel outfit with white sneakers.
  6. A classic winter look that never goes out of style is to pair up your blue jeans with a black high-neck woollen top. Layer it over with a black leather jacket and some silver neck accessories that create a contrast. Finally, bring out your favourite white sneakers from the wardrobe and flaunt your party look.
  7. For women who love bohemian looks, we have something that is sure to make a style statement. Put on a leg warmer and wear a vibrant pleated skirt that ends right above your ankles. Brownie points if the skirt has a black waistband! Pair it with a plain white T-shirt and either a blue denim jacket with fur inside or a black leather jacket. For footwear, wear high-top white sneakers. You can even get them customised with vibrant patterns or designs. Don’t hesitate to flaunt some junk accessories to complete the look.
  8. The ones celebrating their year–end party outdoors, you need to keep yourself warm. Start with a cosy white sweater, a quilted jacket, and straight-legged blue jeans. Add on a scarf, a beanie, and white sneakers. Your effortless winter party look is sorted!


With preparations in progress for the holiday season and the new year, you are surely excited about what to wear. Before your favourite stores run out of the dresses or shoes you have your eyes on, it is time to start planning your ensemble. While the clubs and bars will dazzle with sequin dresses and some over-the-top looks, you can be casual and still create a statement. Ditch your boots and loafers, and go for something classy this New Year’s eve. Cast aside the usual fashion rules and pair up white sneakers with different outfits. Flaunt your bohemian pleated skirt for a vibrant look. Wear your black leather jacket with denim. Keep yourself warm with thermals, caps, and scarves. Lastly, accessorise well with neckpieces, earrings, and sunglasses. Channel your inner fashionista and nail the party look!

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