Common Ways Hackers Use To Break Into Your Bank Account

Has your bank account ever been hacked? If not, you might not understand the pain associated with that loss. However, due to technological advancement, so many users have moved into Internet banking, and hackers have taken advantage of this opportunity. It would help if you understood that hackers could even hack your bank accounts using your phone number. The article below will describe the common ways hackers use to break into your bank account and how to defend yourself from the hacks.

  • Key loggers

This is one of the more accessible and quieter ways hackers can hack your account. Do you know every hacker knows how to get your details and use them to hack your account? However, with the technology, there are sites such as that go to the extent of selling bank login credentials to hackers. You might wonder where the world is heading, but that’s the reality of life. Another way is using malware that records what you are typing via your phone and sends this information back to the sender.

To defend this from your end, you need to install an anti-virus and check on your system so often. The best anti-virus will sniff out the key logger and have it erased before it causes any damage. However, if your bank accepts the two-factor authentication, subscribe to this.

  • Mobile banking Trojans

In the modern world, you can manage your finances through your mobile phone. The bank typically provides an app to log in and check your bank’s account balance. This is a convenient way to do your transactions but a key attack vector for malware. With this, do you think someone can hack your bank account? The clear answer is yes. The hackers create their apps and attack your current account.

To defend this action from your end, ensure that when downloading an app, keep an eye on the total download for the specific app. If it has low downloads and no reviews, flee from it as fast as possible.

  • Sim swapping

Authentication codes in the form of sms are essential to hackers, and the bad news is that they can do this even if they can’t access your phone. To perform this task, a hacker contacts your network provider and claims to be you. How do they do this? The hackers claim to have lost their phone and want to transfer their old number to the current line. From the statistics, this is among the most common methods to hack your bank account. To defend yourself from this, keep your details private to prevent someone from stealing your identity. However, occasionally, it is worth checking if your provider is doing their part to prevent sim swapping. If your details are confidential and your network provider does their job, hackers find it difficult to hack.

Some people do hacking activities as their full-time job, especially with technological advancement. For instance, sites such as sell bank logins to hackers, who do it as a business. Always keep your information private to avoid falling into the trap of all these expenses and frustrations.

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