Dune Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result Of ‘Dune: Part One’

Dune Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result Of 'Dune: Part One'
Source: Insta/ Dune Movie | Dune Hit Or Flop

Dune Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result Of ‘Dune: Part One’:

American epic science fiction film ‘Dune: Part One’ Or ‘Dune (2021)’ directed by Denis Villeneuve well received by the audience and film critics, and not only this, the box office collection of ‘Dune’ is also so far very good and according to a news source the film ‘Dune’ is one of the highest grossing films of 2021.

But apart from the box office, it is decided by the budget of the film whether the film is a hit or a flop. Similarly, the success of ‘Dune’ will be decided by the box office as well as the budget of the film.

Dune Hit Or Flop?

Dune Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result Of 'Dune: Part One'
Source: Insta/ Dune Movie | Dune Hit Or Flop

According to reports, the American sci-fi film ‘Dune (2021)’ released in American cinemas on 22 Oct 2021, collected $41 million at the domestic box office (America & Canada) on its opening weekend. The ‘Dune’ has so far collected $108 million at the domestic box office and $400 million at the worldwide box office. While the budget of ‘Dune’ is said to be around $165 million.

Looking at the budget and box office collection of the movie, news portals declared ‘Dune’ as an overall hit. Not only this, ‘Dune’ has become the 11th highest-grossing film of 2021 at the worldwide box office, leaving behind ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Cruella’.

Looking at the box office collection the film, the film ‘Dune’ not done anything special at the domestic box office, but the worldwide box office of the film has been very good. Not only this, apart from the box office, ‘Dune’ has one of the top-rated Hollywood film of 2021, which is rated 8.1/10* on IMDB based on 533K+ votes so far. Read Also: Hollywood’s 10 IMDB Top Rated Movies 2021

‘Dune 2021’

Dune Hit Or Flop? Unexpected Box Office Result Of 'Dune: Part One'
Source: Insta/ Dune Movie | Dune Hit Or Flop

‘Dune: Part One’ (Dune 2021) is an American epic sci-fi movie directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Villeneuve, Jon Spaihts, and Eric Roth. Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin & Jason Momoa are played lead characters in ‘Dune: Part One’. The ‘Dune: Part One’ is made under the banner of ‘Legendary Pictures’ and the film is produced by Denis Villeneuve, Mary Parent And this film are distributed by ‘Warner Bros. Pictures’.

One more thing Let me tell you that, the ‘Dune: Part One’ movie is based on the first of a planned two-part adaptation of the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert & According to news source the makers is planned ‘Dune: Part Two’ release in October 2023.

Article In Short With Table

MovieDune: Part One (2021)
Sci-Fi Drama
Dune Budget$165 Million
Domestic Collection
(US+ Canada)
$108.31 Million
Overseas Collection$292.34 Million
Worldwide Collection$400.65 Million
Dune: Part One VerdictHit

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      1. *thumbs up* for that comment. Some people think their own limited way of looking at things means the whole world should abide by it, it would seem.

  1. It’s still a flop mate and it’s overated shit. The original was better than this boring shitty crap old remake.

    1. We understand that you are deeply hurt by this film and we respect your sentiments. Everyone has a different opinion, so please don’t mind our words.

      1. There is a Directors Cut of the 1984 movie. I have seen it on television. It shows scenes of the young sandworms and getting the water of life from them. Also more of the Jamis/Paul fight.

  2. what ‘they’ (the bots) thought of it on IMDB. Are you that thick you don’t understand how easy this site is to fix? Lmfao. West Side Story has GLOWING ratings, but no one went to see it.

  3. It was amazing!! And we cant wait for the 2nd edition to be released. Commercially it could have done better, perhaps. However, the return on investment made will certainly be enough to satisfy any investor.

  4. Hollywoke has finally hit rock bottom. This is just an excuse to take and excellent sci-fi film from the 80’s and shove more minorities in it to appease the liberals nothing more. Hollywoke is going broke following their “get woke; go broke” idealism but they can’t accept and admit they are wrong so they continue to lie and say their movies made money. This didn’t. I know the formula. Take the total budget and double it at the very least. If that’s all the money this made it was as big a waste of time for you making it as it was for those dumb enough to go see it. Dave Bautista is the biggest libtard of all. He sucked as a wrestler and he sucks more as an actor.

  5. A visually stunning film. That said, the characters and performances were simply mediocre at best. Poor adaptation of novel with an utter disregard for the actual story. Frank Hebert’s novel was a literary epic. This film adaptation was not! Yes, it made a lot of money, and that is sadly the measure of a films worth nowadays. Repeatly one reads this is a film for modern audiences. Well, it is, and presented to an audience with a generally two hour attention span, and to whom it’s mediocrity is acceptable, as long as it’s special effects are integral, and the primary focus. It’s a monetary successful film, but not comparable to David Lynch’s adaptation which, while not a financial success, was of a superior quality, performance wise.

  6. It’s a flop, no film that doesn’t collect its cost at the domestic box-office can be considered a success…

  7. to anyone who is a cult follower of David Lynch’s adaptation of Frank Herberts DUNE was of superior quality.. you have issues, that movie was so poorly put together i have to turn it off after 30 minutes. not to mention Lynch insults the audience by thinking they need explanations of the political intrigue and betrayal. even Lynch himself called it a failure. the new dune doesn’t try to hold your hand like the old one, or cram an entire HUGE novel worth of material into a 2 hour time span. this adaptation does enough to portray the politics between factions, and the intrigue, that you know full well what is going on without being hand held, and it feels much more believable and natural in the storylines unfolding, while allowing it to be told at a more proper pace.

    while I agree that hollywoods woke agenda is an issue, this film was in casting, and recording before the full “wokeness” hit not to mention it is more believable a darker skinned people would live on a DESERT PLANET, kinda like how we have a real life reference to look at with THE MIDDLE EAST/TURKEY/EGYPT. and several parts of AFRICA

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