Embark on Epic Adventures: Exploring the OSRS Fortis Colosseum

Buy RuneScape 2007 account from U7BUY now to dominate the game! Prepare for Varlamore’s most thrilling bloodsport, the Fortis Colosseum! Explore this magnificent arena and uncover its adrenaline-pumping action. In ancient times, Civitas illa Fortis, known simply as ‘Fortis,’ worshipped the sun god Ralos fervently. Ralos was more than a deity of warmth and sustenance; he embodied change, renewal, and battle. Perched on the cliffs outside Fortis was a grand temple dedicated to sustaining Ralos’ divine power. Those who dared commit crimes in the city faced a grim fate as sacrifices upon the temple’s altar.

Under the reign of King Maximus Tullus, the temple met its end, replaced by an even grander monument – the Fortis Colosseum. Today, warriors from all corners of Varlamore gather here to battle to the death for fame and glory. The Colosseum’s management falls to one of Ralos’ seven Teoki, while Lanistas, elite warriors, select the fighters.


The Fortis Colosseum is Old School RuneScape’s third wave-based minigame, offering a replayable PvM encounter. Later waves feature formidable enemies, focusing on reactionary combat. Unlike its predecessors, it introduces significant choices between waves.


The Colosseum introduces a dynamic modifiers system. After each round, players can alter their gameplay – buffing enemies, debuffing themselves, and changing terrain. The selection is random, and choices persist for the run. An option to exit the Colosseum with loot is available.


Glory is a measure of combat prowess earned after each wave, based on performance. It grants access to untradeable rewards and allows players to compete with others. An endless mode challenges champions to push their Glory to new heights.


Participants receive rewards in two ways. After each wave, players can acquire tradeable rewards and unlock untradeable ones by reaching specific Glory thresholds.

Glaive of Ralos

The Glaive of Ralos is a one-handed, chargeable, thrown weapon. Uncharged, it deals 0-50% of your maximum hit damage and returns to your hand. When charged, it deals two hitsplats, each rolling damage between 0-50% of your max hit. Its special attack drains the target’s Defense level by 10% of their Magic level for 50% Energy, with a maximum reduction of 50%.

Other Rewards

– Echo Crystal: Adds recoil damage to attackers, equipped on existing boot slot items.

– Sunfire Fanatic Armour: Proselyte armor with higher stats, requiring 60 Prayer and 40 Defense.

– Sunfire Dust: Used to charge items, craft Sunfire Runes, and charge Dizana’s Quiver.

– Sunfire Runes: Enhance Fire spells with a 10% minimum hit when consumed.

– Dizana’s Quiver: Best-in-slot Ranged cape with improved stats and an ammo-saving effect.

– Various end-of-wave rewards and utilities across Varlamore based on Glory thresholds.

The Fortis Colosseum awaits your bravery and skill. Will you emerge as a champion in the pursuit of glory and rewards? Join the Colosseum’s grand tradition and prepare for an epic battle! To know more about Old School RuneScape, be sure to visit U7BUY!

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