All Famous Hollywood Actors Age List 2022

All Famous Hollywood Actors Age List 2022
Hollywood Actors Age List 2022

All Famous Hollywood Actors Age List 2022:

Today, if we talk about cinema, hardly any film industry will be able to compete with Hollywood and hardly any other film industry actor can compete with the fan following of Hollywood’s famous actors. Because today Hollywood actors are very famous not only in countries like America and Canada but also in every country of the world, whether it is India or South Africa.

But due to these actors being so famous and looking very beautiful in films, it often becomes very difficult for people to guess the age of Hollywood actors. Because today there are many Hollywood actors who look beautiful in films but in reality, their age is very high, whereas many Hollywood actors look very old even though they are young.

So in this article, we will tell you about the real age of Hollywood actors in 2022. which is something like this-

Hollywood Actors Above 40

NameAge(in 2022)DOB
Tom Cruise60 years3 Jul 1962
Brad Pitt58 years18 Dec 1963
Tom Hanks66 years9 Jul 1956
Johnny Depp59 years9 Jun 1963
Leonardo DiCaprio47 years11 Nov 1974
Will Smith54 years25 Sep 1968
Dwayne Johnson50 years2 May 1972
Hugh Jackman53 years12 Oct 1968
Robert Downey Jr.57 years4 Apr 1965
Chris Evans41 years13 Jun 1981
Vin Diesel55 years18 Jul 1967
Bradley Cooper47 years5 Jan 1975
Daniel Craig54 years2 Mar 1968
Nicolas Cage58 years7 Jan 1964
Jackie Chan68 years7 Apr 1954 
Jerry Seinfeld68 years29 Apr 1954
Jason Momoa43 years1 Aug 1979
Mel Gibson66 years3 Jan 1956
Samuel L. Jackson73 years21 Dec 1948
Al Pacino82 years25 Apr 1940
Sylvester Stallone76 years6 Jul 1946
Keanu Reeves58 years2 Sep 1964
Morgan Freeman85 years1 Jun 1937
Jason Statham55 years26 Jul 1967
Matt Damon51 years8 Oct 1970
Robert De Niro79 years17 Aug 1943
James Franco44 years19 Apr 1978
Mark Wahlberg51 years5 Jun 1971
Kevin Spacey63 years26 Jul 1959
Tom Hiddleston41 years9 Feb 1981
Arnold Schwarzenegger75 years30 Jul 1947
Tom Hardy45 years15 Sep 1977
George Clooney61 years6 May 1961
Adam Sandler56 years9 Sep 1966
Jack Nicholson85 years22 Apr 1937
Michael Keaton71 years 5 SEP 1951
Christian Bale48 years30 Jan 1974
Ryan Gosling41 years12 Nov 1980
Jim Carrey60 years17 Jan 1962
Dave Bautista53 years18 Jan 1969
Chris Pratt43 years21 Jun 1979
Ryan Reynolds45 years23 Oct 1976
Mark Ruffalo54 years22 Nov 196
Jeremy Renner51 years7 Jan 1971
Paul Rudd53 years6 Apr 1969
Tobey Maguire47 years27 Jun 1975 
Ben Affleck50 years15 Aug 1972
Joe Manganiello45 years28 Dec 1976
Anthony Mackie44 years23 Sep 1978
Jared Leto50 years26 Dec 1971
Jake Gyllenhaal41 years19 Dec 1980
Ian Somerhalder43 years8 Dec 1978
Denzel Washington67 years28 Dec 1954
Idris Elba50 years 6 SEP 1972
Matthew McConaughey52 years4 Nov 1969
Joaquin Phoenix47 years28 Oct 1974
Ben Stiller56 years30 Nov 1965
Daniel Brühl44 years16 Jun 1978
Matt Bomer44 years11 Oct 1977
Gerard Butler52 years13 Nov 1969
Benedict Cumberbatch46 years19 Jul 1976
Chris Pine42 years26 Aug 1980
Hollywood Actors Age
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Hollywood Actors Below 40

Chris Hemsworth39 years11 Aug 1983
Robert Pattinson36 years13 May 1986
Tom Holland26 years1 Jun 1996
Daniel Radcliffe33 years23 Jul 1989
John David Washington38 years28 Jul 1984
Aaron Taylor-Johnson32 years13 Jun 1990
Zac Efron34 years18 Oct 1987
Taylor Lautner30 years11 Feb 1992
Dylan Minnette25 years29 Dec 1996
Kit Harington35 years26 Dec 1986
Sebastian Stan40 years13 Aug 1982
Ezra Miller30 years30 Sep 1992
Logan Lerman30 years19 Jan 1992
Paul Wesley40 years23 Jul 1982
Dan Stevens39 years10 Oct 1982
Henry Cavill39 years5 May 1983
Paul Dano38 years19 Jun 1984
Nicholas Hoult32 years7 Dec 1989
Hollywood Actors Age

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