Is Rocketry Movie Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of R. Madhavan’s ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’

Is Rocketry Movie Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of R. Madhavan's 'Rocketry: The Nambi Effect'

Is Rocketry Movie Hit Or Flop?

MovieRocketry: The Nambi Effect (2022)
Release Date1 July 2022
Screen Counts1600+
Budget25.00 Crore INR
Hindi Collection26.05 Crore INR
India Collection35.75 Crore INR
Overseas Collection07.95 Crore INR
Worldwide Collection50.50 Crore INR
Movie VerdictAverage

Is Rocketry Movie Hit Or Flop In-Text: R. Madhavan starrer former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan’s biopic film ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ has so far collected ₹35.75 crores in India and ₹50.50 crores globally against its small budget of ₹25 crores. Despite the opening of ‘Rocketry’ not well, the film ended its box office with good numbers. But still, ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ is an average film at the box office because the makers spent a huge amount on P&A.

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MovieRocketry: The Nambi Effect (2022)
GenreBiopic Drama
Biopic Of Nambi Narayanan[1]
(Former Scientist Of ISRO)
DirectorR. Madhavan
StarCastR. Madhavan
Shahrukh Khan
WriterR. Madhavan
ProducerR. Madhavan
Varghese Moolan
Vijay Moolan
Distributed ByUFO Moviez
Red Giant Movies
Yash Raj Films
Phars Film Co

Critical Response

Times Of India3.5/5*
The Indian Express2.5/5*
India Today2.5/5*
The Quint3/5*
Zoom TV3.5/5*
Deccan Herald2/5*
Free Press Journal3.5/5*
Amar Ujala 4/5*
Overall ResponseGood
Is Rocketry Movie Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of R. Madhavan’s ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’

26 thoughts on “Is Rocketry Movie Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of R. Madhavan’s ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’

  1. One of the best movies of the decade. A must watch for every proud Indian. Two thumbs up!

  2. Best movie. Nice direction and action by madhavan . Cameo shah rukh khan. Patriotic movie. Must to watch

  3. Its one of the best movie i ever seen really appreciate the direction and acting of R. Madhvan its really inspiring and also i wanna thank him to let people know the story of great scientist Mr. Nambi Narayanan

    1. Very Good Movie.
      I would say every Indian should watch this movie, not because to make this movie HIT / Flop. It because to know about the fact.

  4. The Rocketry story is just publicity for the ISRO case accused. The real story is nowhere near the film script, in real life, Nambi had submitted application for VRS when the Maldives women were arrested…

    1. The SC has given a verdict it was a cooked up case to derail India’s rocket capabilities but we still have people like you who have other motives. Like the corrupted Congress party which did not come to his aid.

    2. If you are an indian. You would feel the pain of the movie. How do u know that it is a publicity for isro. This story has said by nambiar narayanan sir and also he acted in the movie. Dont act to smart. If you didnt like, say you didnt liked the movie. Dont spread wrong info to people.

  5. We still idiots calling him an accused when the SC had given a clean verdict. He was awarded the highest civilian award of Padma Bhushan. It was a cooked up story by corrupted politicians and officials to help foreign countries to derail India’s space developments. India lost a big chunk of money by not being able to launch satellites.

  6. I feel really bad about this movie getting clock and I went theatre was his movie to support this movie I don’t know why people didn’t support this I think ott effect people thought that this movie will come to ott we can watch the but sometimes people should visit status I’m showing support these kind of movie

  7. Heart touching movie. Must watch in theaters to support such movies. But, such values are long lost among people

  8. Very good movie of nambi narya sir very hard work for india thanks mhadevan sir for make this film great indian history movie every india should watch this movie thanks R mhadevan great acting thanks sir.

  9. One of the best movie I’ve ever watched… It was inspiring and makes me wonder how a man can possess this much of confidence and love for his country. Must watch film.

  10. Now a days movies are a good propaganda medium. This movie has not much technical credit and the story is somewhat fantasy. I support the effort but could have done much simpler and more entertaining.

    1. Dude u are talking nonsense. This is originally south movie. Unlike stupid north which beat around the bush and drag , this movie is so much better than any north Bollywood movies like Swades (2004)

  11. This is originally south Tamil Nadu movie. Unlike stupid north which beat around the bush and drag , this movie is so much better than any north Bollywood movies like Swades (2004) or any Khan movies or Khans who are such failures in life they can only boast about appearing in some western film festivals and awards shows as guest but not as a nominees . R . Madhavan who was actor for more than 20 years started off same time as khans is even as a first time director beats all the khans

  12. To all people who don’t know. This movie is not Bollywood movie. It’s Tamil movie from Tamil actor about a tamilnadu scientist. And Tamil actor R. Madhavan turns director with this film

    Don’t promote it as Hindi movie. It never is. Only the past where shah rukh khan appears was originally played by actor surya in Tamil version. Although R madhavan did a few original Hindi movies in Bollywood in the 2000s , most of his shining work is in Tamil industry

  13. This movie is taking the viewers for a Big Ride. The colleagues of Nambi in ISRO have denounced it publicly in a Press Conference

  14. Very excellent movie. Unfortunately so much successful at box office as it deserves..every Indian must watch it..really inspirational ..we should feel proud for our scientists

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