Is Vikrant Rona Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of Kichcha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona

Is Vikrant Rona Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of Kichcha Sudeep's Vikrant Rona

Is Vikrant Rona Hit Or Flop?

MovieVikrant Rona (2022)
Release Date28 July 2022
Screen Counts3000+
Budget95.00 Crore INR
Kannada Collection49.00 Crore INR
India Collection75.75 Crore INR
Overseas Collection05.00 Crore INR
Worldwide Collection95.00 Crore INR
Movie VerdictAverage

Is Vikrant Rona Hit Or Flop In-Text: The unofficial adaption of 2015’s ‘RangiTaranga’, Kichcha Sudeep starring ‘Vikrant Rona’ has so far collected ₹75 crores in India and ₹95 crores global against the production budget of ₹95 crores. There is no doubt that the so far box office of ‘Vikrant Rona’ is not well, and it’s not going to prove to be commercial success. But still, many reports claimed that the film has already crossed ₹200 crores at the worldwide box office, and ‘Vikrant Rona’ is a Blockbuster, which is totally meaningless.

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Vikrant Rona Movie

MovieVikrant Rona (2022)
GenreAction Adventure Fantasy Film 
DirectorAnup Bhandari
StarCastKichcha Sudeep
Nirup Bhandari
Neetha Ashok
Jacqueline Fernandez
Ravishankar Gowda
WriterAnup Bhandari
ProducerShalini Jack Manju
Alankar Pandian
ProductionKichcha Creations
Shalini Arts
Invenio Films India
Distributed ByShalini Arts (Karnataka)
Salman Khan Films & PVR Pictures (Hindi)
KFC Films (AP/TS)
Zee Studios (Tamil Nadu)
Wayfarer Films (Kerala)
Phars Films (Overseas)

Critical Response

Times Of India3/5*
The Indian Express1.5/5*
India Today3/5*
Great Andhra2.2/5*
123 Telugu2.75/5*
Bolly Hungama 1.5/5*
Zoom Tv2.5/5*
The News Minute2.5/5*
India Glitz2.5/5*
Overall ResponseAverage
Is Vikrant Rona Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of Kichcha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona

11 thoughts on “Is Vikrant Rona Hit Or Flop? Box Office Result of Kichcha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona

  1. May I know on what basis you say other reports suggesting the film has grossed more than 100crs is meaningless and yours is so meaningful sir?

    1. Those are inflated box office numbers for the audience just to create an image that it is a hit watch this film but in reality they cannot buy everything

  2. Paid guy….. 👏👏👏👏keep supporting **** content , thy will keep making more … support pan India

  3. Vikrant Rona is a total disaster. “rangi taranga “a classic movie by Anup bhandari ..this Rona is a headache jungle drama which doesn’t have any sense.TOTAL flop

  4. Vikrant Rona is a bakwas movie. Old plot, confusing direction, just one jungle set, and darkness, and nothing else. 95 crores budget is over estimated. Rangitaranga was a far far better movie. The makers have fooled the people by fake marketing. Being a Kannadiga, I went to support this movie by reading their fake reviews, but was very badly disappointed. Very stupid production values. Songs sucks, BGM okay, Editing sucks. Overall a torture movie.

  5. एकदम सुपर मूवी,ब्यूटिफुल मूवी, अमेजिन सीन, टॉप हॉलीवुड मूवी से भी कम नही है ये विक्रांत रोना मूवी 👍👍👌👌😘😘 पर बहुत से लोग ऐसे हैं जिनको यह मूवी समझ मे नही आई तो गलत कंमेंट करते हैं …………………

  6. it’s official announce collection is 210 cr , producer already said that it has crossed 150 cr in 8 days don’t u know useless website

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