Pune To Mumbai Train — Navigating Online Platforms For Train Food Orders

Pune to Mumbai train is almost a 4-hour journey. As people travel for both work and leisure, it is one of the busiest rail routes. As many as 50-plus trains run on this route every week. To ensure the utmost passenger convenience, a whole lot of food vendors offer food delivery. This makes order food in train online service a real treat. All one has to do is follow certain guidelines for a convenient and happy travel experience. 

What Does e-Catering Offer? 

The IRCTC’s e-catering service promises travel convenience. As passengers can now order food in train online, it saves them all the hassles of packing food for travel. For people travelling for work, it saves time and helps them grab a quick meal while on the go. Authorised food partners provide the e-catering service; therefore, each vendor undergoes a strict quality check. As a result, the passengers onboard the Pune to Mumbai train enjoy a fresh and hot meal from their preferred restaurant, delivered to their seats. 

How To Choose The Online Platform?

The best part about IRCTC e-catering is that there are multiple platforms offering services under this domain. The IRCTC approves them to operate as an official food delivery partner. But how do you choose between them? Here are quick boxes you must tick before placing an order food train online:

  • Make sure it is IRCTC authorised. 
  • Do they have a vast food menu option?
  • Do the prices fit within your budget? 
  • Is the delivery time within your travel schedule? 
  • Do they have positive reviews?
  • Are they charging too much for delivery expenses? 
  • Do they offer online helpline assistance?
  • Are they operating at your desired delivery station?

How To Book Food Order In Train Online?

  • Open the IRCTC-authorized food partner app. You can also visit their website. 
  • Move to the ‘order food in train’ tab.
  • Enter the 10-digit PNR number. Select the scheduled station between Pune and Mumbai where you want to receive your order. 
  • Enter the travel details like train number, coach number, and seat number
  • Explore the food menu
  • Add food to the cart
  • Proceed to payment
  • Pay using the preferred payment method
  • Receive the order confirmation via email/SMS
  • Track your order

Benefits Of Online Food Order In Train 

The train travel allows you moments of relaxation. As the train quickly passes through stations to reach its destination, passengers take a happy break from the hustle and bustle outside. The convenience of enjoying the journey with a delightful meal simply adds to the fun. This is where the online food order in train facilities comes into the picture. Launched by the IRCTC, the e-catering service promises several benefits:


When travelling on one of the busiest routes like Pune to Mumbai, it is natural to be bogged down by the push and pull. The food order in train online comes across as a real bliss. Simply by placing an order through an online application, one can enjoy a hearty meal amidst the chaos outside. It also saves you from all the planning of what, where, and when to eat. As the food gets delivered to your seat number, it’s one of the best facilities that Pune to Mumbai train passengers enjoy. 

Tasty, Hygienic Food

IRCTC-authorized food partners need to undergo strict safety rules before they are appointed as authorised vendors. Also, they remain under the radar to ensure food standards are met thereafter. These tie-ups with the best-in-the-business vendors ensure that passengers enjoy tasty and hygienic food from the best brands operating between Pune and Mumbai. 

Endless Food Options

The train pantry services had limited menu options. Likewise, there were hassles associated with travelling with home-cooked food. However, the IRCTC’s e-catering service seems to address all food-related concerns. The order food in train online allows passengers to order as per their liking. There are endless options for food menus. Depending upon the time you are travelling, book yourself a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The e-catering service also has a separate menu for snacks and quick bites. 


Given the many advantages that the order food train online facility bestows, it would not be wrong to be concerned about its pricing mechanism. But the icing on the cake is its affordable pricing. The pricing offered by the food vendors who are onboard the e-catering app is competitive. Also, several vendors are delivering on the Pune to Mumbai train. This avoids monopoly and overcharging for the services. In reality, passengers can get their meals delivered from their favourite restaurant at just about the same rates that they pay for in-store meals. 

Book Bulk Orders

The Pune to Mumbai train sees a rush of student travellers out on educational trips. If you are travelling in a group, the e-catering facility allows you to place bulk orders in advance. Booking your food online for train delivery helps you make the most of your travel time. To top it up, authorised food vendors offer amazing discounts and deals on bulk orders. So, you also end up saving substantially on your food bill. 

Track Online

For every order successfully placed through an authorised e-catering partner, the passenger will receive an SMS confirmation. The tracking details are shared with the customer. Thus, the customer is fully updated about the food delivery status. Also, there is 24/7 online assistance for customer convenience. In case of any query or grievance, it is easy to avail of online assistance for quick resolution.  


Being onboard a Pune to Mumbai train is now so much more fun. With the IRCTC’s e-catering facility, order food in train online. Look for your favourite food restaurant delivering food along the two buzzing stations and get hot and tasty food delivered to your seat. But remember to place your order at least 50 minutes before the train is scheduled to reach the halt station. A few simple tips can help you enjoy your journey to the fullest. 


Should I order food on a Pune to Mumbai train in advance?

Yes, for timely delivery of food orders booked through IRCTC’s e-catering partners, the order must be placed at least 50 minutes before the train reaches the scheduled delivery station. For bulk orders, place orders 24 hours in advance.

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