Revolution in Teeth Whitening: Philips Whitespeed and Bleach-Infiniter Chip

The commitment to health and aesthetic well-being has become an integral facet of contemporary culture. A radiant smile is a pivotal element of a wellness-oriented lifestyle. In the pursuit of impeccable teeth whitening, Philips has introduced a distinctive device to the market – Philips Whitespeed. Its innovative approach to teeth whitening and incorporation of cutting-edge technologies distinguish it from its counterparts.

Philips Whitespeed: Cutting-Edge Technology in Teeth Whitening

Philips Whitespeed represents a professional teeth whitening system developed through advanced technologies. It ensures a secure and effective whitening process while minimizing the risk of tooth sensitivity. The device’s core principle involves the utilization of LED technology, expediting the whitening process. Equipped with a lamp emitting cold light, it mitigates thermal sensitivity, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient. This technology is widely recognized as one of the most effective among existing whitening methods.

Bleach-Infiniter: Chip for Extending Lamp Limits

Advancements in teeth whitening transcend beyond LED lamps. Philips Whitespeed becomes even more remarkable with the integration of the bleach-infiniter chip. This chip aims to extend the limits of the lamp, enabling more intense and enduring whitening.

The bleach-infiniter is an intelligent component regulating the lamp’s light intensity, ensuring an optimal balance between power and safety. This approach facilitates faster and more efficient results without compromising tooth enamel integrity.

Advantages of Philips Whitespeed Whitening System with Bleach-Infiniter

  • Durability: The bleach-infiniter chip guarantees over 100,000 teeth whitening cycles, surpassing traditional methods.
  • Effectiveness: Adjustments to the lamp’s limits allow for achieving more intense whitening, leading to longer-lasting results.
  • Safety: Intelligent chip control minimizes the risks of enamel damage and tooth sensitivity.
  • Professional Endorsement: Philips Whitespeed serves as a primary tool for teeth whitening in contemporary dental clinics.


Philips Whitespeed, equipped with the bleach-infiniter chip, stands out as an industry leader in teeth whitening, offering innovative technologies for achieving a brilliant smile. This device seamlessly combines high effectiveness, safety, and comfort, making it an outstanding choice for those seeking optimal teeth whitening in the convenience of their homes. For additional information, please refer to the limitations of the zoom dental procedure at

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