Struggling in Turin: Analyzing What’s Gone Wrong for Dušan Vlahović at Juventus


When Dušan Vlahović made the highly anticipated move to Juventus, fans and pundits alike were excited to witness the young striker’s potential on the big stage. However, his time at the Turin club has been met with challenges and struggles. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind Vlahović’s difficulties at Juventus and explore the factors contributing to his underwhelming performances.

High Expectations and Transition Struggles

Dušan Vlahović arrived at Juventus with enormous expectations. As one of Europe’s brightest young talents, he was expected to fill the void left by departing strikers. However, the transition to a new club, playing style, and expectations can be daunting for any young player. Vlahović has faced difficulties in adapting to the tactical demands and pressure that comes with representing a top club like Juventus.

Competition for Starting Spot

Juventus boasts a wealth of attacking talent, which has intensified the competition for a starting spot in the team. With established stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and other talented forwards, Vlahović has struggled to secure regular playing time. Limited opportunities can affect a player’s confidence and hinder their ability to make a significant impact on the pitch. sportsman biography Know More About Favorite Athlete.

Form and Lack of Support

Like any striker, Vlahović’s performances are inherently linked to his form. Unfortunately, he has endured periods of inconsistency, which can be detrimental to a young player’s development. Additionally, the lack of consistent support from the midfield and flanks has limited his scoring opportunities and overall involvement in games.

Pressure and Media Scrutiny

Moving to a high-profile club like Juventus chicks info Recent Viral Information Here attracts substantial media attention and scrutiny. The pressure to live up to expectations can be overwhelming for a young player, affecting their mental and emotional state on and off the field. Negative media attention and constant criticism can further hamper a player’s confidence and performance.

Coaching and Development

Effective coaching and player development are crucial for a young talent’s growth. Vlahović’s struggles may also be attributed to the coaching approach and tactics employed at Juventus. The right guidance and support can significantly impact a player’s development and help them adapt to the challenges of top-tier football.


Dušan Vlahović’s time at Juventus has been far from smooth sailing. While he possesses immense talent and potential, various factors have hindered his progress at the club. From transitioning challenges and stiff competition to form issues and media scrutiny, Vlahović faces a complex set of obstacles. With the right support, patience, and determination, the young striker can still turn his Juventus career around and showcase the world-class abilities that brought him to the club in the first place.

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