The Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV

The question of whether to buy a smart TV or an Android TV has been floating in the minds of people for years. Since the smart tv price in india is almost the same as that of Android TVs, it becomes more difficult to choose between the two. If you are currently in the same predicament, read more to find out about the various features that the smart TV and the Android TV have. By then, you can arrive at a decision on which one to purchase for your home. 

What is the Difference Between a Smart TV and an Android TV?

Operating system

A smart TV has a different operating system compared to an Android TV. Various manufacturers have their operating systems in terms of their established technology. This changes with the brand. And even with these variabilities, you still get the same smart tv price in india. An Android TV, on the other hand, runs on Android. When you browse the interface of Android televisions, you will see that there is familiarity when you are operating this device. An Android TV may have all of the essential features that you will see on an Android phone. It just depends on the other integrated features of the Android TV. Which one is better? This is more of relying on your preference. If you have interacted with the operating system of a TV manufacturer before in your old televisions, then it will be no hassle for you to use a smart TV. If you are accustomed to using Android devices, it would be best for you to stay in the Android ecosystem. 

Apps that you can use

When it comes to apps, the smart TV has limited apps as opposed to Google-supported Android apps. This is the reality because app and game developers would likely invest in a platform where they will get the most benefit. The apps in your Android TV are most probably available also in your other Android devices like your phones and tablets. Most of the apps offered by smart TVs are manufacturer-driven, meaning, they are created and provided by the TV brand. It is mostly because of their deals with app owners and developers.Which one is better? Android TVs have an edge because of the vast array of choices compared to smart TVs. 

Device compatibility 

Both smart TVs and Android TVs have a way to integrate and interact with other electronic devices. You can connect your phone, laptop, and tablet to both kinds of televisions. Which one is better? Both are capable of connecting to devices. 


Some TV users want a lot of customization on their television screens. Both the Android and smart TVs have ways to customize the home screen of their devices. Brands have made sure that users feel at home with the interface.Which one is better? Any of the two can give you the customization that you need. Again, this is a preference-based decision depending on the level of personalization that you want for your TV. 


Both the smart TV and the Android TV have their perks and benefits. You can never go wrong with buying any of the two. The smart tv price in india starts at around ₹10,000. The same is true for Android TVs. It is just a matter of preference on what type of operating system that you want your television to have. At the end of the day, you decide more on the quality of all the other features apart from the operating system that the TV has. Experience the two TVs and decide based on how you perceive yourself watching movies and shows using the smart TV and the Android TV.

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